Margret, born in 1998

Primary School, KCPE Marks: 327/500

Mothers Name: Susan               

Fathers Name: Francis (Deceased)


Margret is a bright needy child from a very humble background. She is a victim of Subukia clashes which happened in 2003. She lost her father during the clashes and they were forced to relocate from their ancestral land and look for a place in kiambogo to settle. Her mother, a widow, is HIV+ and under antiretroviral treatment, they  are peasant farmers where the harvest is not good to sustain them.


Major Problems:


Education: Margret’s mother is unable to educate her children since she has no good source of income. she depends on casual job where she can’t  do hard jobs due to her health condition. Margret’s 5 siblings they are all jobless, they never went to  school due to lack of school fees.


Food-Lack of good source of income and her mother’s health conditions forces them to starve. They live in a small piece of land which doesn’t yield a lot of them to feed the whole family. They depend from well wishers who support them with food.


Health: Her mother struggles a lot to get antiretroviral drugs so she can prolong her life and also she doesn’t afford balanced diet so she is very weak physically.


Action Plan:


Empower the world foundation is looking for a well wisher to help Margret in paying her school fees so she can be able to continue with her education so she can be self reliant in future. By this, she will be able to help her siblings and community as large.